1. Great electronic downtempo (mid tempo?) song and I like the simplicity of the video — origami nature! Julien Mier - Watercolour Sky. Discovered this listening to this excellent mix by Yoggyone Soundcheck #10

  2. Absolutely beautiful glitchy idm-ish downtempo-ish music! Himuro Yoshiteru, a solo electronic musician out of Japan. If Amon Tobin ever were to start reintroducing melody into his tracks this is what it would sound like. I stumbled across this guy’s stuff randomly on SoundCloud and ended up buying his latest album “Our Turn, Anytime” — it’s a stand out album with several glitchy gems.

    Himuro Yoshiteru “Our Turn, Anytime”

  3. Funky glitchy as all get out! Loving this track by Spoonbill “Framed by Funk”

  4. Great glitchy hoppy beats from Mr Bill “The Collaborative Endeavors - A Glitch Opera”

    This series will consist of 29 collaborations between Mr Bill and other artists. 1 track will be released every week starting from April 1st.

  5. Really neat video for Flying Lotus “Tiny Tortures” with crazy trippy dream-like sci-fi aesthetic. The song itself is good but I’ll be honest and say that musically Flying Lotus has always felt like it was missing something. This song is one of their better ones but still it doesn’t really grab me. I tend to like my downtempo either filled with soulful depth (but not R&B soul) or with this tension like it’s just about rock/jazz/hiphop out but doesn’t. And this song does neither. It just stays in blippy chillout mode for the whole song which mostly bores me.

  6. glitchy blippy brain invading wonderfulness — Valance Drakes “Lost Song of Forgotten Melodies” off of his 2012 album “Fallen Innocence” which has been released as a free download here.

  7. New Eskmo EP!

  8. Mutton chops! mermaids! Great video for a great song by the glitchy blippy musical magician Nosaj Thing “Aquarium”

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  9. SQWEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Mouse on Mars has a new album “Parastrophics” come out in two days! And if this song is any indication, it sounds wonderfully MoM bouncy giddy wonky ridiculous!

    Out Feb 24th on Modeselektor’s Monkeytown Records.

    UPDATE: XLR8R is streaming the entire album as one track on their site, and yes it’s good!

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  10. IDM ain’t dead! Or at least it lives on in Moskow… Pixelord “Keramika” — some of the best glitchy idm goodness I’ve heard in a while. Off of the new Pixelord “Keramika EP” which also ventures into some glitch hop and (actually good) glitchy dubstep territory with the excellent song "Drinky".