1. weird ass long music video / short film by La Femme!

  2. More awesomeness from La Femme!

  3. La Femme rocks!

  4. Love this. Great music and simple but entrancing video. Discovered it on Ratatat’s Facebook page.

  5. More electroswing. Some great dancing in this video

  6. Oh hell yes! An electroswing remix of Pump up the Jam!

  7. New Die Antwoord album is out. It’s off and on good/bad like most their stuff. Love some. Others meh. Mostly looking forward to new videos

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  8. Pretty generic dance pop song. Mostly posting as the video is damn impressive all one take dance number!

    ht @TessAquarium

  9. Really loving the new Kishi Bashi album! Can’t wait to see him live this weekend!

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  10. Not sure what to make of this,