1. Folk Punk band Days N Daze playing on the top of a roof. That’s a concert I’d love to see.

  2. Really love this group. I’d love theme just by the song titles — “Rockabilly Impending Deathfuture”, “Misanthropic Drunken Loner”, “Perfectly Dysfunctional” — but the music is great too. 

  3. Older Clipping is way more noise and raw in a great way. Reminds me of a noisy Anti Pop Consortium.

  4. Another great track by Clipping

  5. Wow how come I never heard of LA industrial influenced alt hip hop group Clipping?!?

  6. weird ass long music video / short film by La Femme!

  7. More awesomeness from La Femme!

  8. La Femme rocks!

  9. Love this. Great music and simple but entrancing video. Discovered it on Ratatat’s Facebook page.

  10. More electroswing. Some great dancing in this video