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    A Trippy Japanese Music Video Featuring an Assortment of Rotating Computer Graphics

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  2. Really liking this simple lovely song by The Acid. Reminds me a Chet Faker. Video is forgettable/ignorable so just listen.

  3. More new alt-j that I somehow missed! Odd video

  4. New alt-J! Video is dull but the song is good.

  5. Folk Punk band Days N Daze playing on the top of a roof. That’s a concert I’d love to see.

  6. Really love this group. I’d love theme just by the song titles — “Rockabilly Impending Deathfuture”, “Misanthropic Drunken Loner”, “Perfectly Dysfunctional” — but the music is great too. 

  7. Older Clipping is way more noise and raw in a great way. Reminds me of a noisy Anti Pop Consortium.

  8. Another great track by Clipping

  9. Wow how come I never heard of LA industrial influenced alt hip hop group Clipping?!?

  10. weird ass long music video / short film by La Femme!